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Model with us

We need your help! And maybe you need ours.

To make Empluna really good, it needs a lot of 3d models and we can create them together as a community.

Our idea is to build an open source database for these 3d models. Everything we model and

you model should be available there. Use everything for hobby projects as well as commercial.

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Living Interior

List of Needs

👋👋👋 Here you can get some inspiration for objects that we can definitely use for Empluna. Feel free to visit from time to time.
These are just suggestions – there is room for so much more in the open source database

Do you have any other ideas? Write to us using the contact form.

🏙️ Buildings

  • 🕺 Society

    • School, University, Hospital, Stadium, Museum, Theatre, Mosque, Catedral, Temple
  • 🔬 Chemistry/raw materials:

    • Mine (to collect ore), Quarry, Drilling Tower
  • 👨🏽‍🌾 Agriculture

    • Animal stable, Fields
  • ⚡ Energy/Environment:

    • Solar field, Biogas plant, Nuclear power plant, Coal-fired power plant, Gas-fired power plant
  • 🚚 Transport/Logistics:

    • Warehouse, harbour, airport, railway station,
  • 🏭 Industry

    • Forester’s House, Sawmill, Cement factory, Highodes (steel indusrty), Reinforced concrete factory, Machinery factory, Semiconductor factory, Electrical factory, Glass factory, Oil ruffle aria, Plastics factory


  • 🛌🏿 Objects for a residential house

    • e.g. for the bathroom, children’s room, living room, garage…
  • 🐎 Objects for animal stables

    • Animals, Enclosures, …
  • ⚙️ Industry

    • Machines


Here you can download our archive, where you can find all the information, as well as templates.


Are you ready and want to submit your 3d objects? Then this way