Ready for a new kind of building game?

Be flexible then ever before

"A building game in the most diverse worlds with the possibility of changing everything."

World Editing

Sculpting, Placement

House Building

Fundamental, Furnish


Finance , Import Export


Needs, Orders

The Present "2100"

Sneak Peak

Build your world according to your own ideas

Road Managment

Build traffic networks and bend and stretch the paths as you like

Building Construction

Build your own buildings in different construction categories such as housing.


Use your buildings over and over again and use your construction progress

Our "planed" Road Map

Expand economic system

Set up all economic sectors and harmonize them with each other.

Start with society

All mechannics that have to do with society develop. How to interact with the society? What demands are made? How does the society evolve in the course of the game?

Set up more building types

Different types of buildings, should be able to be built yourself. For example, indurstie buildings, public buildings and so on.

Orders for the house construction system

For example, the society may place construction orders that require a certain type of building. These are then implemented by means of the house building system. (Building orders)

Internal Beta Test

An internal test with a closed number of testers to find bugs. How to sign up for a beta tester is yet to come

Improvement phase

Bug fixes and enhancements


Far away ­čÖé

How You Can Support Empluna?


Will there be multiple worlds to explore?

Absolutely, Empluna is envisioned to offer a diverse array of worlds to explore. The game embarks on its journey by immersing players in the present era, laying the foundation for the entire experience. However, this is just the beginning. As the game evolves, players will have the opportunity to venture into other captivating eras. Additionally, a fascinating aspect of Empluna is its internal editor, enabling players to fashion their very own game concepts and bring their imaginative visions to life.

Is there a scheduled release date?

As of now, a specific release date has not been established. However, the initial phase will involve conducting an internal beta test, wherein members from the community will have the opportunity to participate. This phase allows us to fine-tune and enhance the game based on valuable feedback before its official launch.

What does community development involve?

Community development, in essence, revolves around collaborative efforts to shape the game. This entails gathering and incorporating your ideas to drive the evolution of Empluna in alignment with your preferences. Given the substantial need for a multitude of 3D objects within the game, we invite individuals who possess modeling skills to contribute by crafting and submitting these objects. More details will be shared as we progress in the development journey. ­čÖé

How long is Empluna in development?

In the meantime, we are in the third year of development

Where stands the development?

Only according to own assessment

This is me ­čÖé