New skyscrapers decorate the city

Hi there!

It is time to bring the development of the game into the final phase. For us, this means expanding the content of the game to the utmost. Especially in the building system and in the city, we want to integrate new objects in the next few weeks to make the game ready for release.

We have already dedicated this week to these tasks. For example, there are two new houses in the city and a television in the building system.

The quest generator has also been reworked. Now, over time, objects that first have to be unlocked will also be integrated into the task. These can be viewed in a panel designed today. However, this will only happen after the introductory phase has been completed.

If you have any other ideas for objects to be placed in the buildings, please let us know and feel free to add your name to our wish list for the Architecture game on our website

Have a nice week.