Architecture-Walk throw the buildings

Now you can walk through the buildings as you wish.

Hi there!

This week we've been looking at a new feature you've been asking for. It is now possible to walk through the buildings in the construction scene. We have been avoiding this for a long time, as we have not found a performant solution to avoid walking through walls and objects, as colliders on each object have a massive negative impact on performance.

Now we came up with the idea of working with the building grid. This means that if there is an object on the cell where the person is, this cell cannot be crossed unless it is a door or a staircase. In order not to run through door frames or stairs, colliders have to be used only for these few objects. Also so that the doors open with a simple animation.

The controls for mobile phones and PCs are also almost complete. Only the rotation still needs to be limited.

Over the next few days, we will of course keep you up to date and show you some previews on Twitter.

See you next week.