About Us

"We as a small GamdeDev Team want to devlop great games for everybody!"

Who we are and
what we do

Develop with passion for small
great games.

With the first game Architecture we start the attempt to offer you games that inspire. In our free time we have been developing small apps, games and programs for several years.

Our location is in Germany and is still far away from being really professional. But as they say, all beginnings are difficult, which is why we have set ourselves the goal of building a community. So please join us on our journey and help us to create a platform for small relaxed indie games.


Development of PC and mobile games to be offered on various common platforms. It is important for us to offer the player the best possible gaming experience without a lot of advertising and without Pay To Win.


For at least 5 years we have been privately developing our little apps, games and programs and are constantly trying to learn new things. Before we started to develop Architecture we worked in 2D and 3D and with time we were able to develop better and better performing games.