You want to work with us on Empluna?

We’ll show you how and why.


Why are we asking you?

The concept for Empluna’s game involves creating numerous 3D models, and as passionate developers, we find ourselves in need of some assistance with this intricate task. We believe that together, we can make something truly remarkable. That’s why we’re extending an invitation to you: if you’re interested and willing, you could contribute your own modeled objects to the game. We want to stress that this is entirely voluntary and won’t involve any monetary compensation. By joining hands in this creative endeavor, we can expedite the development process of Empluna and transform it into a genuine community-driven project.

If you’re open to it, your name could find its place in the credits as a token of our appreciation for your invaluable contributions.

How and Why Lowpoly Art?

In our game, we primarily utilize low-poly 3D models. These models are crafted using free software and are designed to be quick and simple to create. This approach serves as an ideal entry point for experimentation and exploration. Our preferred tool for modeling is the free software Blender, which boasts a vibrant community along with a wealth of helpful tutorials.

Additionally, Blender enables us to implement numerous performance enhancements, ensuring that the game runs smoothly on a wide range of devices. This optimization process plays a pivotal role in delivering a seamless gaming experience across various platforms.

How can I learn modelling 3d Objects?

We employ Blender, a freely available 3D software that can be conveniently downloaded from the internet through this link:

For those eager to delve into the world of 3D modeling, immersing yourself in videos and tutorials can be incredibly beneficial. A simple search using terms like „Blender Lowpoly“ can yield a plethora of valuable resources. Remember, practice is the key to mastery

How do I submit my modeled objects?

Comming Soon…

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Here you can download our archive, where you can find all the information, as well as templates.